Another 2 weeks of my first 12 Week Year have passed.

I’m making good progress on Savings by learning Docker and AWS. Savings means lots of money in the bank, and upskilling is supposed to help me find a job. Procrastinating on health this week, but there was a bit of progress in the previous week. I’m not closer to making a friend, but there’s some progress with improving my socialisation skills. Cutting expenses - I’ve sold my car and cancelled car insurance, that should cut expenses by about $107 NZD ($67.93 USD) per month.

The 3rd week had score of 65%, meaning I completed 65% of tasks I planned. The book suggests that 85% is a good score to reach goals, but of course, I could say I overcommited. At the same time, I’ve been wasting time too.

Why was I wasting time this week?

Well, a lot of the time I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, but watch Youtube. After I just woke up, that’s usually the case, but not only then. I’d say that accounted for most procrastination during this week.

How to mitigate it?

There are 2 approaches:

  1. Start doing something that I’d like to do, not necessarily related to work. That way I get momentum, and it’s easier to keep doing things afterwards.
  2. Sacrifice the comfort and start working anyway.
  3. Remember what the goals were about, that brings motivation.

To be honest, I’ve been using the 2nd and 3rd approach this week, with some success. It’s easier to sacrifice mood on workdays, cause there’s work to do (i.e. something important to sacrifice the mood for).