It’s early morning of Saturday. It’s Saturday of my first week of my first 12 Week Year. I did weekly planning for 2 weeks before this one, but 12 Week Year’s week is quite different.

  • I’ve done a lot this week (not unique to 12 Week Year).
  • I didn’t worry much about things not in the plan. I would usually worry, but since things were getting done, things not in the plan would eventually be done as well, I thought (not unique to 12 Week Year).
  • Goals/vision made a big difference. I’m focusing on savings, health, friendship and cutting expenses in this 12 Week Year, and I was thinking of my goals pretty often.
  • I blocked time on my calendar for learning and other stuff, and it helped to create a sense of urgency. It became obvious that if I don’t do it, when it’s scheduled, I may not have time to do it at all. Thus, I procrastinated less.
  • I still procrastinated on some important things, and I need to learn from that. Even though, I made an effort on the last day (Friday) to complete the task, that wasn’t enough (I hit a snag).
  • I didn’t hit 100% of planned tasks.
  • I neglected the todo list as the 12 Week Year list took priority, and there was a lot in it.

Update a week later

After writing the post above, I got sick, and was sick until Thursday of the 2nd week. I scored 79.3% on the first week, but I expect the score for this week to be way lower. Even though, I’ve done more tasks than usual on the days I wasn’t sick, and it’s thanks to 12 Week Year.