Reading Mr Money Mustache made me realize that I had my fair share of spending on stuff I’m indifferent to or don’t even like. I bought various wine and beer many times to try again, even thought, I knew I didn’t like them. I knew all well that what I like is tea, but kept buying wine and beer. Trying the same thing again and again was stupid, and ads played some part in it. I also bought camembert many times for the same reason :(

I lacked focus:

In fact, the habit extends to every financial transaction I make: I tend to run through a routine of: “will this really make me happier? / is there any other way to get the same happiness? / can it be delayed? / how can it be optimized to get the most at the lowest cost?”. Anything from a piece of pie right up to a house or investment property gets this automatic scrutiny, and the result is usually fewer, better purchases.