Trying out offline blocks

I turned off internet on all my devices just after midnight, when Sunday started. This morning, I certainly have been more creative than usual. I came up with the idea of trying a few new things every day, and a list of such things to try. Some of them aren’t new, but something I wanted to try, but said to myself it’s not worth it. For example, trying iA Writer.

One new thing I’m trying out is online blocks from Deep Work. Instead of spending the whole Sunday off internet (as I’d usually do), I scheduled some online blocks today (during online blocks I have internet access).

It was a good idea to try online blocks, and I’ve been trying out iA Writer today and reading A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.

But I have to say, going online kills the desire to do things.

Trying out stoicism

Since I’ve been reading A Guide to the Good Life today, I tried thinking about dying tomorrow. I asked myself: If I were to die tomorrow, what would I do today?, and it changed my thinking. Before asking the question, I was on the fence about going for a walk, but after asking, I understood that I’d miss going for a walk, if I died tomorrow. Then I asked the question again, and it became clear to me that I really want to watch Boku no Hero Academia. The third thing that came out of it was that I want to chill in the kitchen, and so I did.

I had been thinking about how New Year changes my thinking for a while, and then it comes back to normal, and how I’d like to experience that more often than once a year. And here, when thinking of dying, I can experience a change of thinking, and I’d like to try that with New Year thinking as well.