Note taking was useful this week

I watched video My Favourite Productivity Book YouTube, and because I took notes, the following happened this week:

  • It nudged me to turn on heating, and I’m less sick today (it’s getting colder in the Southern hemisphere).
  • I set a calendar reminder to take medicine to help with my eye condition. As I’m writing this, I realise that I could make it recurrent.

Those events happened because I’ve been answering this question every evening:

Reflect on what worked well and didn’t today and what can I do to make it work.

And I’ve added the question to my evening routine because I took notes of the video.

Blogging without SEO: “The frog in the well knows nothing of the sea”

I wrote a draft post about my morning routine and decided to research SEO. I was blown away by the content.

My mornings are low energy, so I thought I could maybe rank on those keywords. Little did I know that there’s a great post 13 Quick Ways to Banish Morning Fatigue. That post offers solutions to low energy mornings, and moreover, 13 of them!

My morning routine isn’t refined to serve one goal, so I have no chance of ranking well for those keywords, l guess.

Per-host emojis for the terminal

I use MacOS as a desktop and Linux as a dev env. And, in the terminal they looked too similar, so I often wasn’t sure if it’s MacOS or Linux.

I’ve used 👸 for the box named after 3rd princess Renner and 🪲 for the box named after an arachnid battle maid that likes to snack on bugs:

Terminal prompt with emoji

Terminal prompt with emoji 2

I also went all out and show ascii art on login: