I’ve been taking medications to help liver function, and I’ve been feeling much better lately. Not always, but enough to understand that it’s not a psychological problem that I have no motivation.

There are 3 different states:

  1. Feeling great and itching to do something.
  2. Feeling ok, but have no desire to do anything.
  3. Feeling really crappy, all I want to do is stay in bed.

The 1st state still has some motivational problems, like not wanting to do laundry, but I also have stuff I want to do. Usually, I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

How does this knowledge change my life?

This knowledge changes a lot. I now know that it’s useless to try motivating myself, when I just don’t feel good enough. It’s not a psychological problem, it’s a health problem. If I need to do stuff at such times, I would just do it, not waiting for motivation to come.

My holy grail was to find motivation, and not do things I have no motivation for, but it’d only work, when I feel great. When I feel less than great, I have no motivation to do anything.