I feel better than ever, and I’ve significantly changed the way I think.

  • Reading my Second Brain has become quite interesting. I’ve got some quite interesting stuff written there, under “Remind Me”, “Insights” and “Meditation”. I not just write things down and forget about them, I continue thinking about topics of interest, with my consecutive thoughts based on my earlier writings.
  • My motivation is good enough. Asking the question “What would it be if it went well?” produces good results. Instead of imagining bad things happening, I now imagining good things happening. Picked it up in One Small Step Can Change Your Life. Highly recommend this book.
  • I also picked up a question “Can I think of a small step to improve <x>?”, and it also works really well. Small improvements to my life make it more pleasant and don’t cost much resources, since those are small steps. Also sourced from the above book.
  • This meditation by Loch Kelly had a mind-shifting effect on me. Mindfulness isn’t just about attention, it is about deconstructing reality into building blocks like visual field. And what it showed me about visual field, is that the feeling that I’m looking from my head is arbitrary. I can look from the return key towards monitor, for example, and it’d be just as valid. What I was calling “looking” was just a mental image.
  • I realised that choosing what words I say internally or externally is way more important than I thought. Words are input for the mind, and the mind generates thoughts based on that. Say “I’m worthless”, even as a joke, and mind will find proofs that it’s true. Say I’m the greatest, and the mind will find examples of that. Using words carelessly is dangerous, it can lead you to places you don’t want to be in.

    An offshoot of this is that I’m not always in the right mood, but words can help to get me in the right mood. Words are a part of the environment I build for myself. Words that remind me of things that I want to have in my life are great, otherwise, better not use them at all.

    So, the proper use of the mind is to behave as if good things have already happened. Imagine them happening. Asking myself “What if it went really well?” helps immensely. Imagining bad things happening is fine, as long as it’s for the purpose of preparing to handle those bad things, to overcome them.

  • Playing with Abundance Mindset. I see lots of potential in this mindset, but I have no progress yet.