I’d say that meditation has an effect as intense as weed or alcohol, but it is permanent. That is, starting a few days ago, I’m experiencing this effect of meditation. One of the big realisations was that I usually act base on memory/associations, and not based on the actual thing happening. To give you an example, I would feel that I’m tired of the music I’m listening, but that wouldn’t be because of what I’m hearing, but because of associations I have. I wouldn’t understand this description before the changes happened, because I didn’t differ between what I hear, my reaction to it, and associations. Well, to be exact, my reaction and associations probably were mixed, or I had little of reaction.

I just tried listening to music I stopped enjoying years ago. I tried checking periodically, but there were associations that prevented me from enjoying it. And now I’m enjoying it again! That’s fucking major!

Note taking

I’ve been trying Roam for over a week, and it’s been fun. I haven’t really had any profound changes, but I changed my default mode to writing down things, instead of trying to remember them. And that is the major thing about this change.

  • Writing down notes certainly helps evolving ideas over time. Relying on my mind to remember usually feels like blank canvas.
  • Reading motivation stored in Second Brain works!
  • I used to store useful information in Pocket, but I felt bad about having to read all that information eventually. With Second Brain, I don’t have to read everything. I store information in case I need it, and when I need it, I’m going to read it, but otherwise not.