Having 2-3 open browser tabs is a goal of mine

I get anxiety over having over 2 tabs open. Every time I look at them, I worry that I should read/watch each one.

For work purposes, I use Brave with Workona (workspace tab manager), and I have only 2 tabs in the default workspace: Workona with 2 tabs

I use Firefox for entertainment (read Youtube), so I feel one workspace with 2-3 tabs open is possible. After all, I don’t need to constantly reference any videos, because I don’t do any work relevant to them.

I’ve closed 21 tabs in 3 weeks

I’ve been closing 1 tab per day without fear of losing any information. Usually, I would fear losing useful information, but I prepared for that!

I created a page called “Chill” in my Second Brain (a collection of notes), and I put Youtube links there.

The end result looks like this: Chill page

Usually, it’d be a hassle to create those links, but I use Roam Highlighter extension, and it produces markdown links like this: One Simple Habit that Changed My Life - YouTube

It’s been an easy slow burn (something you do little over long time) to do, and I get a sense of accomplishment every time I close a tab. I would hate doing it all at once.

Of course, I’ve been opening new pages too, but I found that closing even one tab per day, leads to overall decrease (over 3 weeks).