Suddenly, I’m experiencing a programming renaissance. I’m interested in learning new technologies, for example Vue and MobX. And also, I’m interested in design. I’m so interested that I’m watching less Youtube to make time for my interests. Yesterday, the interest spiked, but today was also ok.

What caused the interest spike

I was stuck using a subpar color scheme for brew timer. I didn’t know how to improve it. So, I read up on how to create color schemes in Smashing Magazine and I used an existing scheme from Color Hunt. Lesson learned: when you don’t know how to do something, read up on how to do it.

I’m also near completion of a Vue course, and it explained stuff I was stuck on for a long time. And now I have ideas on how improve webapp architecture. No wonder I’m experiencing a spike of interest in it.

Learning about design is also fun, I’m learning a lot. I was stuck too long with same old, same old stuff.